Provisional Registration: Heading for a participation record?

14/01/2011 14:41

The provisional registration for the 25th edition of the Portimão RG International Tournament and the 6th FIG RG World Cup is closed. The numbers are simply overwhelming: until today (noon) the FIG and the LOC have received the provisional registration of 40 National Federations.

A pre-Olympic year will once again be sparkled with an unique RG FIG World Cup event in Portimão. The definitive registration períod is now underway and closes on February 28th and until then these numbers can (naturally) increase or decrease. 

Nevertheless an historic record was already broken: Never before the Portimao LOC had the perspective of hosting some 600 participants (!!):

  • 6th FIG World Cup: 40 FIG affiliated Federations, 61 Individual Gymnasts and 29 Groups (470 participants)
  • 25th International Tournament: 15 FIG affiliated Federations, 15 Groups (130 participants)

A great "appetizer" for this anniversary edition - let's wait for the nominative registration to discover which stars of today (FIG World Cup) and which promises of the next olympic cicle (International Tournament) will take part in this memorable event in Portimão (Portimão Arena, April 27th - May 1st 2011, no tickets charged).