Portimao World Cup: FIG Online registration system is now open!

17/11/2010 16:40

The FIG online registration system is now open for the 2011 FIG RG World Cup. You can now start to enroll your elite National Team in your favourite FIG World Cup's. Don't forget the registration for this "FIG RG World Cup Competition" must be exclusively performed online at the FIG Website.

Please keep in mind the following deadlines for online registration concerning the Portimão 2011 Competition:


Provisional Opens Provisonal Closes Definitive Opens Definitive Closes Nominative Opens Nominative Closes
Under Way 27-Dez-10 28-Dez-10 28-Fev-11 01-Mar-11 25-Mar-11

For invitation and directives please visit this website's "Delegation Area".