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21/04/2011 21:59

LOC Relocates to Portimão

The countdown for the most antecipated event of the FIG RG World Cup of the season is near to the end. The first group of LOC Staff has arrived in Portimão returning to RG nest. The next days will be dedicated to fine tune some details and prepare the reception of the first...


31/03/2011 15:02

FIG World Cup: Entry List

This list was published by FIG today (March 31st) and had already been subject to modifications. Please take into attention that until final accreditation in Portimão some changes are likely to happen. Nominative registration Individuals (March 31) Nominative registration Groups (March 31)


31/03/2011 14:58

International Tournament: Nations Entry List

We are proud to confirm that we have received the confirmation of 12 entries for the 25th anniversary Junior International Competition. AUT, BLR, ESP, EST, FIN, GER, GBR, HUN, ISR, POR, RUS, SUI The competition draw will be performed in the coming days. Further details will be released soon as the...


29/03/2011 00:03

Nominative Registration: Closed

The nominative registration for the 2011 has closed on March 25. In the next day we will reveal the final entry list. Please take into attention that we have to deal with a reconfirmation sequence in order to publish an accurate list. During this phase we will contact all registered National...


21/03/2011 12:00

Nominative entry: Junior International

In order to complete the nominative registration of your National Group please be so kind and send an email to the LOC with the names of your delegation members to the International Tournament. Should any member (head of delegation,coach, judge, doctor or other elements) be cumulative with the FIG...


18/03/2011 08:00

7 Days to close Nominative Registration

We kindly remind all our visitors that March 25th 2011 will be the last day for the National Federations enter their nominative - and final - regsitration. By that date we will know who are the gymasts that will visit our 6th FIG World Cup competition in Portimao. At the same occasion it will sound...


03/03/2011 12:26

Media Registration Form: Now Available

The Media Accreditation is undergoing. Should you wish to apply for an accreditation for the 2011 events please click on the "Media Accreditation Form" link on the left side of this section.Upon registration the LOC will contact you and provide further information. Please take into attention...


03/03/2011 11:54

41 Nations confirmed presence in Portimão!

After the closing bell of the provisonal deadline for the FIG RG World Cup event and 25th Portimao Junior International Tournament it was time to some mathmatics! In the end surprising numbers: FIG RG World Cup - 41 National Federations have confirmed their presence; This equals to 20 Senior Groups...


28/02/2011 12:01

Definitive Registration: Closed

The definitive registration períod has just closed. In th next days we will reveal the final numbers concerning these two Rhythmic Gymnastics events. Please take into attention that only after the nominative entry dedaline expires we will be in condititions of revealing who will be the gymnasts...


23/02/2011 20:00

Important: Accommodation and meals reservation (pdf mandatory)

Due to unforeseen circumstances we highly appreciate if all the National Federations with delegations attending both events (FIG RG World Cup and Portimao Junior International Tournament) send us the following forms filled with the real number of participants in both...