Portimão: For discoverers of the past

Portimão: For discoverers of the past

Rich in its history, art and tradition, Portimão offers hours of pleasure to all those who love to discover traces of past civilizations, be it Arab or roman, or the unexpected beauty of centuries old buildings. Stage of many cultural activities, rich in patrimony and tradition, Portimão is much more that a beautiful beach destination.


Barca Square – Before the bridge was built Barca Square was the place to go whenever crossing the river by boat was necessary.

1st of December Square - Garden square with benches made of tile panels, representing scenes of Portugal's history.

Main Church of Our Lady Conceição – Dating from the 15th Century this church has one of the most beautiful porticoes of the late Algarvian gothic. In the main chapel you can also find a retable made from finely engraved golden walnut.

Colégio dos Jesuítas - One of the most grandiose buildings in Portimão, dating from the 17th century, the Colégio dos Jesuítas has a unique an beautiful architectural style that deserves our attention and admiration.

Bivar Palace – Built in the last decade of the 18th century, it has a neo-classical style with baroque influences. It nowadays houses the City Council.

Plaza Manuel Teixeira Gomes - As in the beginning of 20th century, this plaza still is the favourite meeting place of the people from Portimão.


Sculpture in homage to Fishermen – By the famous artist João Cultileiro it was inaugurated in 2000.

Abreu Palace – Recovered at the beginning of the 19th century, this palace has its walls made of stucco painted with beautiful frescoes.

Alvor Mercy Chapel - A beautiful building that conquers by its simple lines and solid masonry works.

Ethnographic Museum Nucleus – A museum that presents several representations of the lives of the people from Alvor throughout time.

Main Church – 16th Century. Its main doorway represents a magnificent example of the Manueline architectural style in the Algarve.

Life Saver Building – Inside you can find a recently recovered life saving boat constructed in the 1920s.


Mexilhoeira Grande

Pre-historic complex of Alcalar – Dates back to the end of the 4th and 3rd millenniums BC. Classified as National Monument since 1910, it constitutes a remarkable archeological complex.