Portimão: A Land of Attraction and Activity

Portimão: A Land of Attraction and Activity

International Racetrack of the Algarve

Recently inaugurated with the World Superbikes Championship, is one dream that has come true in Portimão. This is a top quality, internationally-recognised project that has been highly acclaimed by a wide range of specialists from the world of car racing, including seven times Formula One world champion, Michael Schumacher, who visited the track and didn’t stint in his praise for “An extraordinary racetrack”.

With the International Racetrack of the Algarve, a project that includes a carting track, a sports complex with a football pitch, a technology park with luxury hotel, 160 tourist apartments, swimming-pools and a tennis court, Portimão has gained yet another major attraction and source of growth which will draw in new visitors all year round. In 2009, it already has events such as the FIA GT Championship, the A1 GP World Cup, and the Le Man Series lined up.

Portimão Museum

Located in the former Conservas La Rose factory, the Portimão museum is a must see. Its 5,000 m2 of exhibits pays homage to a people and a township that, for many years, lived almost exclusively off the sea and depended above all on the canning industry.

The treasures in this new museum reflect the city’s industrial, naval, archaeological, ethnographic and sub-aquatic heritage. It also houses the collection of that illustrious Portimonense, Manuel Teixeira Gomes (President of the Republic from 1923 to 1925) as well as archives of documents / photographs, oral histories and life stories.

Portimão Municipal Theatre

A key part of the strategic plan for revitalising the historic and commercial centre of the city, opened its doors last December. It invites all lovers of theatre, dance, music, new circus and literature to come and discover and enjoy all the different shows.

School Farm

Bringing together fun and learning, the Portimão School Farm, encourages children to learn about and experience rural life.

In this learning space, children can interact with the animals, learn how to make bread in a wood-burning oven, and cook up homemade pumpkin, tomato and seasonal fruit jams using farm produce that has come straight off the trees or out of the ground. An enchanting and enriching family day out, right in the centre of Portimão.